Annonce des finalistes du Hello Tomorrow Challenge !

Les finalistes de l’édition 2016 du Hello Tomorrow Challenge, un concours mondial visant Ă  identifier les meilleures startups scientifiques et technologiques, ont Ă©tĂ© rĂ©vĂ©lĂ©s pour les soutenir en leur apportant financement, connexions, et visibilitĂ©.

Les gagnants des 10 catĂ©gories de la compĂ©tition recevront 15 000 euros, et le grand gagnant recevra 100 000 euros. Ces prix seront remis Ă  l’occasion du Hello Tomorrow Global Summit Ă  Paris les 13-14 Octobre.

Lors de cet Ă©vĂ©nement, sont invitĂ©es les 500 meilleures startups du Hello Tomorrow Challenge, provenant de 56 pays ainsi que 2000 acteurs-clĂ©s de l’écosystĂšme mondial de l’innovation “deeptech”.

Découvrez la liste des 69 finalistes par catégorie parmi les 3.500 candidatures :

● AĂ©ronautique

  • Helicity Technologies (USA): low-cost, non-toxic anti-icing coatings for airplanes
  • Innovative Mechatronic (Netherlands): the new standard in speed reducer technology
  • Iris Automation (Canada): situational awareness tech for drone reliability beyond line of sight
  • Lilium Jet (Germany): 100% electric vertical take-off and landing plane
  • Norimat (France): new generation of high performance material for aircraft engines
  • Sound Bounce (Ireland): tunable acoustic material for noise cancellation
  • Safety Line (France): big-data management solutions for aviation

● QualitĂ© de l’air

  • Air Visual (China): forecasting air quality for more than 5,000 cities worldwide
  • Arborea (UK): artificial photosynthesizing devices
  • Citytree (Germany): cleaning and monitoring urban air with moss
  • Dense Fluid Degreasing: safe and eco-friendly alternative for degreasing mechanical parts
  • Sensichips (Italy): smart micro-sensors to detect chemicals, radiation and photonics
  • Terraoak (Ghana): innovative cook stove that converts heat energy to electricity
  • White Lab (UK): connected tracker for airborne allergens

● BeautĂ© & Bien-ĂȘtre

  • Blitab Technology (Austria): tactile tablet for the blind
  • Camses (UK): first hydrogen-peroxide-free technology for teeth whitening
  • Embr Labs (USA) : comfort through local body heating or cooling
  • Emerge (USA): ultrasounds simulating the sense of touch
  • Escent (UK): wearables delivering bio-synced fragrances
  • Kameleon (Spain): patch monitoring biochemical parameters while performing daily routines

● DonnĂ©es et IA

  • Instantaneous Wireless(USA) : quantum advances in wireless applications through instant clocking
  • Koniku (USA): cognitive ‘AI’ chips using real biological neurons
  • LightOn (France) : new generation of optical computers in AI and data-science
  • Morphing Machines (India): novel reconfigurable massively parallel processor SoC platform
  • UPMEM (France): novel processors for 20x speedup in big data applications
  • Velmenni (Estonia): high speed wireless data through visible light

● Energie

  • Beebryte (France): minimizing electricity costs by storing energy based on price variations
  • Caventou (UK): indoor electricity-producing furniture
  • H2Go Power (UK): energy storage via hydrogen in smart nanomaterials
  • Hysilabs (France): hydrogen liquid fuel for off-grid power generators
  • Oorja (India): biomass gasification & solar PV for affordable electricity in developing countries
  • SiILion (USA): disruptive clean Li-ion batteries
  • Smart Home Technology (Switzerland): reducing appliances standby power to zero
  • Teraloop (Finland): first TeraWatt kinetic batteries

● Food & Agriculture

  • Entomics Biosystems (UK): transforming food waste into 3 sustainable ‘fuels’
  • Fresh Check (UK): smart food expiry labeling that evolves with the food
  • Grobo (Canada): using advanced plant science for precision home growing
  • Kepley Biosystems (USA): only existing synthetic & renewable crustacean bait
  • Pycno (Spain): all-in-one sensors targeted for agriculture
  • Safetynet Technologies (UK): underwater lighting systems to catch only the right fish
  • SwissDeCode (Switzerland): portable & rapid DNA test for food authentication & quality-testing

● SantĂ©

  • Ananda Devices(Canada) : organ-on-a-chip technology to shorten drug development cycles
  • Awake Labs (Canada): wearable device to help patients with autism
  • Clip Diagnostics (USA): clotting and bleeding risk testing at point-of-care
  • Kinnos: highly efficient infectious disease decontamination
  • NERv Technology (Canada): biosensors that operate from within the body for surgery monitoring
  • NovaGray (France): detecting the risk associated with radiotherapy
  • Palisade Therapeutics (USA): innovative treatments for neurological disease
  • Platelet Biogenesis (USA): producing functional platelets from human stem cells

● Industrie 4.0

  • Graphene Production (France): low-cost synthesis of graphene for industrial production
  • Haelixa (Switzerland): DNA-based tracing platform for industrial monitoring
  • Microw (Germany): high-precision components for prototyping and small series
  • RE:3D (USA): enabling pellet 3D printing from reclaimed plastic
  • Tangi0 (UK): flexible touch-sensitive material to replace electronic sensors
  • Tridom (Israel): disruptive robots that build buildings
  • Woodoo (France): molecularly-enhanced translucent wood

● Transport & MobilitĂ©

  • Canard (Netherlands): ultra-fast monitoring of aeronautical navigation aids in airports
  • Fly-bag (Italy) : anti-blast envelopes for civil aircraft cargo
  • Hyliion (USA): plug-in trailer hybridation
  • Kitty Hawk (USA): electric self-piloting flying car
  • NavAlt (India): next-generation solar ferry boats
  • Sysnav (France): motion-based approach for localization without GPS

● Eaux & DĂ©chets

  • change:WATER Labs (USA): wastewater management in non-sewer communities
  • CustoMem (UK) : nanocellulose composite membranes for wastewater treatment
  • Desolenator (UK): filter-free solar device to purify water
  • Eco Straw Pulping (UK): closed-loop, low-carbon process to produce paper pulp from straw
  • Nutrient Recovery & Upcycling (USA): nutrient recovery from wastewater
  • TreaTech (Switzerland): from sewage sludge to fresh water, biogas, and natural fertilizers
  • CocoPallet (Netherlands): wood alternative from coconut waste

La grande finale de l’édition 2016 du Hello Tomorrow Challenge aura lieu le 14 Octobre Ă  19h sur la scĂšne Curie, au CENTQUATRE.

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